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Client Testimonials

Riad Bacchus, Founder of Nimbold

Riad Bacchus, Founder at Nimbold

Earlier this year I made the decision to engage The Four. The original engagement began with a simple request for a new logo, but quickly metamorphisized into a full rebranding engagement, including a new name, a brand strategy, new logo, new website, and assorted print materials (cards, presentation & proposal templates).

The Four made the process engaging, collaborative and very enjoyable.
What I initially perceived to be a “necessary evil”, I came to very much appreciate, especially the wonderful results. The feedback has been immediate and effusive in its positive praise… “professional”, “engaging”, “creative”.

Lynn Musil, Founder of Debt Logic
Debt Logic

Lynn Musil, Founder at Debt Logic

The Four Design helped Debt Logic to create a brand identity in terms of look and feel.  Our logo and color scheme for our brand as well as our SaaS application were selected and designed exclusively by The Four team.  More importantly a complex user workflow for our client application was designed by The Four creating a clean, simplified, visually appealing user experience.


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The way we treat clients


Well- first we meet you, via phone, online, or in person. From our initial meeting we provide answers to common questions. We give friendly and educational answers to the questions that most providers don’t like to ask like…  


17 Design & Marketing Trends That Will Flourish OR Flounder In 2017

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Identity System

Identity System Definition

Now for a little education (if you hadn’t heard).


Identity systems are vastly lacking in today’s very very crowded industry. It’s time to embrace identity systems as an evolved term. 

Identity System (from The Four’s perspective) is now every single piece of your business that conveys emotion to your target audience. Emotions like “I need to buy this”, “This will save me time, like all the time”, or “Wow this adds value to my very important life”.


Identity Systems (evolved definition), Literally


  • SEO On-page and Off-Page
  • Google Analytics Install
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Audience Development
  • Keyword Research
  • Google My Business Optimization
  • Bing Local Optimization
  • Business Citations
  • Creation of Landing Page Including Text, CTA’s, and Sales Copy

+ Social Media Management

  • Audience Development
  • Brand Awareness Posts
  • Facebook Management
  • Instagram Management

+ Branding

  • Logo
  • Strapline or catchphrase
  • Color scheme/ study
  • All fonts for web and print
  • Business card
  • Letter head
  • Keynote/powerpoint template
  • Sample print add
  • Sample web page
  • Brand rules including photography guidelines, logo treatment, what's appropriate for the brand
  • Email signatures
  • Mailing labels

+ Advertising

  • Adwords Management
  • Google Ad-Words Setup and Monthly Re-Bill
  • Facebook Ads Setup and Monthly Re-bill
  • Yelp! Advertising

+ Website Values

  • Growth Generating Design
  • ROI Calculation
  • Full Website Design and Rebrand
  • Customized Reports
  • Design of Imagery
  • Call To Action Development
  • Marketing Funnels
  • Initial Testing
  • Lead Generation Form
  • Reporting Setup
  • Reporting Meeting
  • Email Marketing
  • Email and Lead Data Integration With Currently Used Applications

Great! You now know the evolved definition of an Identity System -
Every single piece of your business that conveys emotion to your target audience.


There's a lot to an Identity System. Check your small business's identity with our very own, Identity Index List.

Download below and see if your business has a full identity system.

The Four Design- Identity Index List

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