The Four is a sweet design agency

Focused on one communication spread throughout different mediums. We started in design going from our guts. In the beginning we believed that every client we worked with would gain a more personal brand, along with all the tools to tell a creative story (and provide a meaningful experience).

  • Identity Systems
  • Web Design and Development
  • Social Media including start to growth techniques for Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest
  • Digital Campaigns using all of our disciplines together
  • Partnerships giving your brand an entire design studio at its grasp. This includes all our video, editing, motion graphics, and sound expertise as well as the other capabilities listed
  • Mobile App Development from initial concept to submitting to the App Store or Google Play Store


And now we have the data to prove our guts were on track. 


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Google Adwords Certification

Google Adwords Certification

The Four is design, measurement, and character

It is refreshing to know that a hands on approach still counts for something.


Our clients know they can reach out to us at any time and we will answer, whether it's at frantic 2 a.m. , or within business hours is up to you. 

We approach the new digital world with a sense of nostalgia. We all miss the days of disposable cameras, film, print, and media that we held; or even saved in our desks instead of our hard drives.

We use each and every excuse to hint at this nostalgia felt by everyone of this generation, especially the people of today who still respect a truly classic vinyl album and its cover. Design to us is a wonderful experience shared with the client and the audience in a perfect blend of authority and trust.

The audience is given imagery that proves the brand's worth through this nostalgia, and is trusted not because it's a new trend, but because it's a known behavior and is easy to adopt.

That's what resounds most with people.

We start with a complimentary 30 minute call for each new / existing client, or simply someone we want to network with...

Which is you.

We are not shy at The Four. We want your partnership, we want to bust our chops to enrich new landscapes of communication between consumer and brand.


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