Luna Reece



March 2016



Project Duties

Web Design

Product Photography



Show Andrea Luna Reece's ceramics on a website, driving sales and authority position to her Etsy store, including updated product photography.

Andrea Luna Reece Logo

One of The Four’s favorite projects this year came from Andrea Luna Reece; an incredible ceramicist from Orange County. She needed to display her Etsy store on her own website while building a re-brand of her logo, website, and overall identity online. We wanted to tell her already blossoming story with all the channels needed for a small business that could scale.



Andrea Luna Reece Product Photography



We scheduled a photoshoot to capture "at the studio" portraits and product photography worthy of her unique ceramic pieces. The team came away with some exquisite hi-res photos that fit perfectly into our planned layout.


Luna Reece focuses on beautiful handcrafted items for the home, her work ranging from rustic succulent pots to eye popping centerfolds. The challenge for this project was to create a site that elegantly displayed Luna’s one-of-a-kind ceramics, while not distracting from user purchases. With such rich textures and colors to work from, building juicy imagery was an easy call. We agreed on a design focusing on Luna’s vibrant products, but tethered with organized sets and traditional symmetry.


Andrea Luna Reece Website


Luna Reece wanted a full site design, beyond our normal marketing funnels, site analytics, newsletter, and email templates, we created a full online identity. One of the best parts about working with other designers like Luna is that the whole team feels inspired to really give their best work, which is why, we think Luna’s website and digital identity is one of the best we’ve done. We managed to construct her color schemes, fonts, logos, and brand all within our original parameters, resulting in a site centered around powerful images and a clean aesthetic.


The final and most important touch was to connect her Etsy business to her new site. When The Four started, Luna Reece averaged 10,000 user impressions a month and now she sees an average of 25,000, a 150% increase. While it's important to create things beautifully, we at The Four choose to measure our success based on solid numbers and growth.


If you’d like to get to know Luna Reece, visit her site at: