Antiquity Records



August 2016


Record Label, Indie Music Industry, Analog Music

Project Duties


Web Design

Photography/ Imagery


To communicate a personal and nostalgic logo giving musicians an overwhelming feeling of analog sound.

A website and album art for an artist called "Disguised As Me" on the label.

Blog post photography for "Disguised As Me"

Antiquity Records identity.

The small, yet powerfully analog, studio exists in Orange County and San Francisco area. Antiquity is all about analog sound which translates to major hours, lots of equipment, and the crispest sound possible. The 4our provided an identity system, blog post, web design, and web imagery.


Blog Post Photography For "Inside The Bowels Of Disguised As Me"


Along with business consulting we provided web images / album art for the artist "Disguised As Me". We first took to our sketchbooks and created image titles for each song title. With the hand drawn titles we did a photoshoot for each song with a found object. Explore below for the very crispy results.


  Website Design and Album Art