Carly Scissor Hands



February 2016


Beauty Salon


Project Duties


Web Fonts

Web Design

Instagram Management

Call To Action Development

Email Marketing and Creation of Campaigns 

Product Photography

Blog Content Creation

Social Media Analysis & Setup


Design a fully functioning website focused on client scheduling and education, accompanied by a professional brand to elevate above the competition.

Carly Scissor Hands is an ambitious hair stylist.

She is a hair stylist located in Orange County working out of The Associated Hair Co. Salon.

The Four Design provided the following services:

A. an identity system

B. a website that could translate her artistic style and unique skill set to an ever growing audience

C. product photography featuring the products she uses daily on her clients

D. social media training and growth


Carly Scissor Hands Logo


The Four started the journey finding a mark / logo that fit her personality and craft. After some initial sketches and ideas we settled on a mark that was already very close to her. Awhile back Carly got a tattoo of scissors on her leg, and what better to represent her personal brand than something already marked on her body?

The Four moved forward with the design and made the rest of her identity system.


Now Carly needed a website, but not just a portfolio website. She needed a way to educate her clients on her services, style, and attitude…and yes book appointments. After doing a brief interview with her over coffee we wrote the content for the website based on our conversation.

The Four asked her questions like:
What’s your favorite color?
Why do you do hair?
What the heck is a balayage, and did you just make that word up?

We have found that this approach with clients is best and truly gets who they are into the content of their website, plus as a designers we made an educated decision on the needs of the client. 

The Carly Scissor Hands site has all her services, types of hair cuts, and inspiration for the contemporary women she styles.

Her catch phrase / strap line, “modern hair for the modern girl.” Defines her target audience and frames the user to know that this isn’t just a regular cut, it’s a contemporary style from someone who knows their craft well.

After much much conversation the features of the site were clear:
-Email Newsletter using mail chimp
-Services & Pricing
-Visual Inspiration
-Bio / About




Carly was also looking for a way to feature the products she uses on her clients hair. The Four suggested taking product photos to add into her social posts and website, furthering her look.

From there we created a backdrop with textures suggesting bursts of color through watercolors. We shot all the products and tools she uses daily on her clients. The results gave a look into her style and furthered the coloring emphasis she has in hair.

ThrowBack Hair Day Instagram Campaign

Social Media

After taking the photos The Four showed her techniques on her social channels for posting such as custom hash tags lists specifically for hair and fashion, what times to post, and other techniques for furthering her brand.

Social media is about starting something unique that a community can get behind. Carly represent the independent stylist that needed to be noticed. We created a unique hashtag called #throwbackhairday for stylists on Instagram. The Four then made a branded posting template for Carly in order to use each Thursday.

The idea behind the tag is that each Thursday stylists can take an all encompassing look at their past work together as a community, become inspired, and create something special.

Her Instagram profile followers grew by 30% within 3 weeks of training.

Carly is now a stylist with a defined brand and a mission. She and The Four are currently engaged in producing a line of Carly Scissor Hands flat irons, hair wands, and other accessories to be released within this year. We will update the case study accordingly.