11 Social Media Mysteries Solved By The Skate Social King

Social Media Mysteries Solve By The Best Social Media Manager In The Skate World

Recently we caught up with the one of our friends #### (His identity is to be kept a mystery). He currently manages some of the most followed social media skater profiles on Instagram. Chris Cole, DVS, to name a few. 

After many snicker bars, monster energy drinks (not cause we like them, but just cause they are there), and nerding out on different web traffic techniques, we got down to business.


What is success on social media? Is it the shares, likes, follows, engagement? And do people really judge me on how many hashtags I use?


Social Media Questions Answered With The Social Media Skate God (Identity Kept A Mystery...)


  1. So #### what is the best type of content that gets shared the most?

    ####: The answer is, there's no way to tell... sorry to burst your bubble but people are still people, no one can guess who the next cat will be that goes viral. Video is the best tip to getting your best chance, but it's still super random. That's the fun of it though, you make the best content possible, do your part, and wait for your audience to help you out.

  2. For engagement, what do you judge success by?

    ####: Shoot for 10% , if you can do that, you are chill.

  3. How do you create content?

    ####: I create content and receive content from skaters and sponsors with an underlining story. I get assets/video and put together something in photoshop, or shortstack for giveaways and contests. I also use my phone as much as possible to capture original footage when skating with the teams.  

  4. Where do you look for content? Who do you follow ####?

    ####: I keep up with the people my clients follow and respond individually to each social channel's comments, but aside from that I am always in the skate scene. I am fortunate to be around when the scene is happening with the skater's I have come to be friends with. It gives me the opportunity to travel with the teams and be a part of the social presence.

  5. What are the steps to running a good contest?

    ####: So to run a good contest you want to go after emails as your number one goal. With emails you can create and clone Facebook audiences to retarget in later campaigns. Plus you can spread the word on sales and generate more traffic to your site. Also, make sure your rules are very precise and easy to follow, make it 4th grade :) I use shortstackapp to host my giveaways.
    It works great, you build a landing page, form, and email capture. Then just change the link in your Instagram to a tracking link for the contest page and you're good to go. Try and make your contests intriguing too, make them last with week to week giveaways and give grand prizes at the end. That way your entries will have more opportunities to see your posts and story. Therefore, creating less fall off once the giveaway is over. And don't cry when you lose followers after any promo, it happens to the best of us.

  6. What are some tricks to get followers?

    ####: Tags work, more heart felt captions, comments, and content work better. Spend 30 minutes a day commenting, liking your target audience's related hashtags, and liking your following's posts. You will see your engagement double within 2 weeks. Seriously. Another great way is to get any influencers to share your content, even if they only have 1,000 followers, that's still at least 200 new eyes on your content.

  7. Is Instagress, Stim social, really worth it? 
    ####: I stay away from those, but I know they have their positives if used in a non-abrasive way. What I mean is don't be spammy, the typical teenager knows your old man marketer techniques. Stop all activity that would be thought of as spammy once you get past 10K followers, you may want to stop using more than one or two hashtags at that point as well.

  8. What’s a good budget to pay for a promotion?

    ####: Who doesn't love some free sh*t! Giveaways are a great way to get followers and get your brand out there. I typically try to team up with other accounts and followings of those accounts organically, then spend 100-200 dollars a day if I need more results. The less ad-spend the better, so be creative with hashtags and get out there, people are always willing to help.

  9. How do you tag?

    ####: With my higher following clients I don't use hashtags anymore. With the accounts I am growing I will use about 10. But if your account is making that initial hurdle past 2 thousand followers use those 30 tags to your benefit :)

  10. How should we approach Instagram stories?

    ####: Use them and treat them like your posts, get great content that people wanna keep watching. Stories are super cool for telling stories, try making a series that builds up to a product or release. OH and use Instagram Live video, everyone gets the notification so take advantage before it's gone!

  11. Any last remarks, any more golden nuggets ####?

    ####: Influencer marketing is where it's at if you have a smaller following. Start with small influencers and work your way up. People are always more willing to follow or support your profile if it's recommended to them by someone they know. Try commenting something valuable and liking all their recent posts, no one can resist that.


Well thanks #### for the amazing advice! The Four Design did this interview about 2 weeks ago and we tested these techniques. They work! We had engagement go up by 300% on one client's feed.


Thanks to #### for your time. Readers please let us know how these techniques work for you (email us at info@thefourdesign.com) and if you need help implementing we are here to help.