How To Improve Your Brand : Finding Your Target Audience

A brand is always expected to be shaping it's look and feel, which in turn means

Targeting New Audiences. 

and keeping the ones they already have. Brands are now a living and talking enterprise where social media has now become the focus point for acquisitioning new clients and customers. Facebook now has 1.55 billion, which is more than the amount of citizens in San Francisco, LA, and New York, making it the reigning marketing medium of the internet horizon.

Twitter, Google Plus, Snap Chat, and Pinterest are seemingly more of a third place option when it comes to comparison on advertising.

What comes to mind as the second place advertising channel? We can sincerely , 100% , say that either you said Instagram or Instagram is a close tie with Facebook for first place. Instagram is the Wild West of untapped brand opportunity. It provides anunabashed look into a brand's identity, perseverance, and audience. 


As a brand you can find a target audience within seconds using

Social Media

as a means to study what works , and what doesn't work. Through social channels a brand can ask what's next ? Through the ease of hashtags, images, and comments on specifically Instagram, an affiliate or brand manager can simply type in a hash tag that applies to their audience and find new opportunities. 

Instagram has also become a place where any product can be given a personal touch.

Did anyone ever think that a fond love for fitness jewelry and a want to inspire could make 2-5K each day? We did, and we believe that anyone's true passion can grow in such a caring , yet intensely honest about if your brand, community. Studying your followers is something that is a must within any social channels worth while analytics. But are we studying our followings too long? Too much of our time is taken into our followers and not enough finding new ones. 


An average day for a brand should be spent massaging new audience members which can then turn into followers,

which can be converted into email lists,

which can be converted into brand enthusiasts willing to support you with sales. The world is large for a brand and making an echo in the social Grand Canyon takes studying , listing, listening, and reaching out to each person individually, or at least giving the option to ; we suggest using Instagram.


Instagram is a wonderful place where users suggest contact through email and forms including messaging apps like KIK and Whatsapp. Email is seemingly the most popular form of communication concerning a brand or selling of merchandise and is certainly the best form of brand awareness surpassing social media. Email conversion on average ranges from 10-30% on Instagram, which is 20 percent higher than regular email conversions. Email is checked by 90% of people daily , which means that email is one of the most meaningful channels that people still take seriously. 


Being able to find influencers on Instagram to soar a brand to the it's target audience has never been easier until now . One must create lists to organize, study , and further the use of Instagram’s advertising system. You can further Instagram’s advertising through its user bases as well. Using the Instagram term " shootouts" brands can now access larger audiences toppling a million followers with very affordable pricing. Using shoutouts and Instagram’s native ad system will find a brand’s target audience in the most complete manner. A brand can now micro-market to the influencer’s audience and to macro-market to all of Instagram.

Leaving the brand with the best chance of conversion with lasting members to a brand’s story. 

jeremiah lewin

Focused on influencing my surroundings through modern graphic design aesthetics with a fine artist's touch. I strive to design through a process experimenting with physical mediums and then contextualizing my forms digitally through graphic design, illustration, and social media marketing..