17 Design & Marketing Trends That Will Flourish OR Flounder In 2017

17 Design & Marketing Trends That Will Flourish OR Flounder In 2017

The trends of 2017 will be impressive. Trends are something of a designer "gold star" or award. Everyone knows what they are, and to see other designers, artists, cinematographers, and other visual creatures be influenced and start to use them is an honor that we all strive for.

We all are guilty of seeing and being inspired.

This is what we see as the best, and some times almost worst, design and marketing trends for 2017.


1. Bright, Girly... & poppy colors.

Photo Credit:  Eventure.com

Photo Credit: Eventure.com

2. Flat design.


3. Hand drawn, simple line drawings and logos.


4. Floral, succulent, and greenery plants in images.

Photo Credit:  Film For The Win

Photo Credit: Film For The Win

5. Film or high resolution with filters.

Thank You
Iphone Ready

6. Animations, .gifs, and parallax within websites easier & better.

Click Funnels

7. Landing pages adding to company websites.


8. Content marketing , the give something away / Dangle the carrot maneuver.


9. Prototyping will be a given when any design is chosen. So all you UI / UX designers will be smashed into together to create a sort of super mutant that can create much more complex prototypes than simply flicking screens. Stakeholders will in 2017 will expect much more out of the UX designer. And we have a feeling 2017 will be the final nail on the coffin for UI designers, and they will simply become UX Strategists that can prototype.


10. Taking identity systems seriously.


11. Facebook ads. 


12. Yelp Ads , BIG NO.

Photo Credit:   Nike.com

Photo Credit:  Nike.com

13. Big Bold Type.

Photo Credit: Leo Zakour  https://dribbble.com/leozakour

Photo Credit: Leo Zakour https://dribbble.com/leozakour

14. Bring on the tasty micro interactions.


15. Minimalist Design will keep evolving , if that's even possible.


16. Video video video will keep the users attention more and more.


17. Conversational UI will be a must for apps.


Let us know any more trends you would like to add at info@thefourdesign.com

Thanks for listening and we look forward to seeing you work in 2017. Please tag our Instagram @thefourdesign with any of your recent work, we would love to connect and like that sh*t:)

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