3 Questions To Get Great Design and Stay Within Budget

a tool box for designers and businesses

Designers and businesses alike need to know the three upcoming questions.
Designers to be able to respond.
Businesses to make knowing decisions upon who they hire.

A design agency or designer should always make a great effort to prepare and rehearse for each client's many questions and to have answers that make the meeting run faster and more proactively. The following questions are from talking to our current clients and our current friends in the industry.

1. How do you price your creative services?


A company about to embark on a creative journey should always know what the price is. Always ask the designer how they charge. Is it an hourly rate or a flat quote for the project?

Another important price point is how much does it cost for extra features or work that is out of the initial quote range. Designers will be very happy to explain these charges and if they seem to be uncomfortable from these questions or caught off guard this could be a sign ;)

Most design takes time, and even after the final deliverable is made, there is still a very high possibility that you will need a variation on this work. As a business make sure you ask what the creative's fee is for variations. Or, better yet, ask for all possible variations, source files, etc. needed to avoid this inconvenience. Don't forget the transparent .PNG's! (covered more in question 3)

2. How will you measure the result?

We all started out as designers, actually some of us most definitely are designers still. The difference is that now we measure our created content with analytics and performance. The most important, or at least a close second place, is data on a campaign. As a business learning about your target audience is invaluable. Having a designer that can give you great creative that resounds within your audience is even more valuable. For designers, giving reports on a campaign is painless through the vast information train called the internet. Now more than ever learning Google Analytics and sharing reports, or using social media to receive feedback, is a few clicks and Youtube tutorials away.

3. Will we need you to manage deliverables after the job is done?

Everyone has been in the following situations: 
"Hey can we get our logo re-sized to ...?"
"We can't find (asset) can you email it to us?"
"Hey it just so happens that you forgot to give us (asset) can you export that real quick?"

The list goes on.

Some of the time these situations cannot be avoided and it's very valuable to be working with a flexible creative company. A designer should always be flexible especially with their valued client.

To avoid these types of situations do your due diligence as a company (and as a designer) and always ask for all assets up front. Dedicate at least 10-15 minutes to brainstorming exactly what's needed for the future with your designer/contractor. The kicker is to ask the designer to go into detail about what he/she has provided for clients in the past with similar projects. Make sure to ask about any clients the designer has had that did need assistance after the project was done; learn from those experiences.

And now from our hearts to yours a free and wonderfully useful toolbox!

The Design Toolbox- Part One:

Here is a toolbox of assets that we use in our design and have found very useful.

 Being a business you don't need photoshop to use some of these.
Being a designer you will love these.


Every digital creative has a toolbox. Here are some tools that will make your life more interesting.

In this bundle we include resources for:
-User interface design
-Commercial use photos
-Photoshop files
-Web design
-Photoshop actions

Enjoy and let us know what you create with these delicious condiments.

jeremiah lewin

Focused on influencing my surroundings through modern graphic design aesthetics with a fine artist's touch. I strive to design through a process experimenting with physical mediums and then contextualizing my forms digitally through graphic design, illustration, and social media marketing..