Top 3 Reasons Sustainability is Important


Why do you need to know?


1) Core Business Values:

It is important to realize sustainability is not a short-term plan with hopes of immediate gains, but it is a long-term strategy for success. Sustainability is aligned with core business values—values that businesses already utilize. Sustainability is all about efficiency, and reducing waste. Sustainability aligns itself with core business values because at its heart it strives for efficient operations while promoting an enduring environment for prosperity. These passions of practicality and efficiency, extremely typical motives of small business owners, can be a natural and effective strategy for a prosperous future.


2) Company Culture & Tradition -

Establish a sustainable company culture and implement it into policy while it is easy. It is much harder to establish traditions when businesses are bigger. When a company is small and easier to control, is the perfect time to make sustainability a priority. As the company grows, it will naturally carry its already established sustainable practices into growing adolescence. This is much more natural and easier to continue with tradition verses attempting to establish sustainable practices later in the company’s life cycle.   

Furthermore, a culture of sustainability is also advantageous by creating pride, motivation, and employee cohesion within the workplace. People are happier and more productive working for a company that is aware and active about their environmental impact.  Implement sustainability into part of your small business’s company culture in order to establish positive, lasting traditions that the business will carry as it ages, and foster proud, inspired employees whom appreciate working for a socially conscious business.


3) Marketing & Reputation-

It is no secret that  the community likes socially, and environmentally responsible businesses. Not only is society more apt to recognize the value these companies, but other businesses are also more likely to do returning business with sustainable corporations. People and businesses want to associate with and be associated with intrinsically good entities. Sustainable practices can be a big determination that sets your company apart from the competition.  Promote your company’s sustainable efforts with transparency & enthusiasm. Sustainability can be some of the best media and advertisement opportunities for your business—take advantage of it!


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Sustainability can be one of the easiest, yet most important business strategies to develop.


Especially for small businesses, laying the initial groundwork for sustainable operations could pay major dividends in the long run. Understanding sustainability aligns itself with core business practices, establishing sustainability as part of the company’s culture, and reaping the rewards of sustainable marketing are some of the most important reasons small businesses should consider establishing sustainable practices.  

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