What does your identity look like?


Identity is everything.

In a world of social media and increasing internet use, a brand has to have a comprehensive identity behind it. If your brand does not have a unique identity it will lack standing out and attracting a target audience, even if it is offering something useful!

The generations of today are what we like to call “everyone thinks they are a designer fever”.

The Four will make you stand out and convey the best message for your brand to make an impact.

All the while providing each asset for each application. No more having to contact the designer for missing logo assets or missing pieces from your identity. Each one of our clients receives their own share folder and .PDF to download every asset imaginable for the future.


Our Identity & Branding Process

The Four Design identity and brand book process. Step: 1 how are you?

Our ideal client for an identity and branding project is a small business looking for a strong backbone.

We first get to know you. 

How is your business doing now?

What’s your current logo represent and is represented across your website, social media, and other channels of communication?

Where is your brand missing potential audiences? 


We then assess what is most needed and what is optional. For example if you already have a logo and are satisfied it with we would assess fonts, color schemes, and business collateral.

The moving force behind what we do is communication, so we put together all places your identity will be displayed. 

Here is what's included in a sample Brand Book

  • Logo
  • Strapline or catchphrase
  • Color scheme/ study
  • All fonts for web and print
  • Business card
  • Letter head
  • Keynote/powerpoint template
  • Sample print add
  • Sample web page
  • Brand rules including photography guidelines, logo treatment, what's appropriate for the brand
  • Email signatures
  • Mailing labels
The Four Design creates a healthy and thriving identity design for your small business

Nimbold's Brand Book

Once The Four has your Brand Book created we package it into a pretty little .PDF

After the list of collateral is compiled we start producing on a strict timeline with specific times allotted for client critique and updates. Upon reaching the finishing week of all your new identity system we offer up all creative assets inside a digitally bound brand book.

Now you as the client have a solid base for your brand into the future, no matter what designer, developer, or consultant you turn too. We also give you all the assets in a nice folder. Finally, no more digging for that pesky logo file only to find out that it’s low resolution. And if you happen to be missing something we are a phone call away to export whatever you need.


We typically spend anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks per identity system we create. There are options to expedite this process but we have found this is the ideal time frame to spend on creating a business’s look.

Also provided with each identity system is the consulting that goes into creating a business. We consider it the frosting on top and have designed our package in such a way that the information is naturally found from meetings with you our lovely client.

The Frosting

  • Top 10 keywords
  • Target audience analysis
  • Current website report
  • Service or product statement
  • Value proposition
  • Competitors
  • Company history
  • Company culture
  • Regions
  • Friendship
The extra work we put in for an identity system is all included with the frosting

Would you like a cupcake?


Examples of Identity and Branding