What's your inbound marketing strategy?

All marketing together.

Inbound marketing is a slightly new term that you need to become familiar with, it's now the most profitable way to drive traffic to your website. 

With our marketing style we analyze what will work best with your brand, then analyze the ROI of that campaign. The Four can provide a custom package that is based on creative content to generate traffic and convert leads.

55% of B2B marketers say they are unclear on what content marketing success or effectiveness looks like.
— Content Marketing Institute, 2015
What is inbound marketing?

So what is inbound marketing? Well inbound marketing is using all online communication channels together to create a measurable result. The key parts of inbound marketing revolve around analytics measuring each piece of content on each online channel.


The pieces of inbound marketing:

The Four provides all pieces of marketing for high conversion of your small business.

Digital Advertising

Facebook ads
Google Adwords
Instagram ads

Search Engine Optimization

On page SEO which is all the optimization on your website
Off page SEO which is all the backlinks, guest blog posts, or mentions of your business on other web pages
Web page speed optimization
Google search console optimization

Social Media



Choose a target audience
Write content to that target audience including keywords to index on search engines
Build an authority position by continually offering helpful blog posts
Incentivize readers to sign up for email list for re-marking efforts and buy services or products


So there’s the pieces, now how do you solve the puzzle?


Well that’s where The Four comes in and blends all these elements together to form a converting, measurable, and repeatable marketing funnel.

For example we take your existing website and perform on page SEO tactics with our newly found top 10 keywords for our target audience. You with us?

48% of consumers start mobile research with a search engine. (Smart Insights, 2016

The Four uses analytics to measure ROI for small businesses and brands
The Four creates a process for all your marketing activity thats repeatable for any small creative business.

Then we create a blog post appealing to your ideal customer.

Oh, and don’t forget the free and valuable e-book that we just created for that same ideal customer. 

We then put a call-to-action in the blog post, and other locations on your site, that the ideal customer will see. We give that piece of valuable content away for the price of a name, email, and perhaps phone number.

While all this is going on we create images for the blog post on all social channels and spend some dollars on digital ads (Facebook Ads and Google Adwords) to target and drive you ideal customer to the blog post.

Now that we have your ideal customers visiting your site and signing up for your business’s email list, service, or product we nurture. Those leads now become more with an email campaign or phone call, or whatever works best for you.


Rinse and Repeat.

Research has shown that when people hear information, they are likely to remember only 10% of that information three days later. However, if a relevant image is paired with that same information, people retained 65% of the information three days later. (LifeLearn, 2015)

Now you know our secret. Follow the plan, reap the results, study the analytics and keep boosting ROI.

Once we show you that inbound marketing works we will astound you and do it again.

Inbound Marketing Clients


Inbound Marketing Services

  • SEO On-page and Off-Page

  • Google Analytics Install

  • Keyword Analysis

  • Design of Imagery

  • Growth Generating Design

  • ROI Calculation

  • Call To Action Development

  • Marketing Funnels

  • Initial Testing

  • Lead Generation Form

  • Audience Development

  • Keyword Research

  • Google My Business Optimization

  • Bing Local Optimization

  • Business Citations

  • Brand Awareness Posts

  • Facebook Management

  • Instagram Management

  • Reporting Setup

  • Reporting Meeting

  • Adwords Management

  • Creation of Landing Page Including Text, CTA’s, and Sales Copy

  • Google Ad-Words Setup and Monthly Re-Bill

  • Facebook Ads Setup and Monthly Re-bill

  • Full Website Design and Rebrand

  • Customized Reports

  • Email and Lead Data Integration With Currently Used Applications