Odd Velvet



July 2016


Action Sports



Project Duties

Identity Design

Ecommerce Website

Social Meda Management

Product Design


Start manufacture and sale of a skateboard brand to Orange County with 3 board models, an ecommerce site, and social media.

Find the velvet.

Odd Velvet was born in Orange County to ride. The skateboard brand features 3 nostalgic and rad boards that The Four designed and branded across social media and an ecommerce site. Odd Velvet started with only the idea and we used some past connections to find a manufacturer in the local area to supply the velvet.



Since the start Odd Velvet has seen a 25% per month trend in visitors to the website, and a social media presence that has grown in only 52 posts to over 2,700 followers.

From increase in followers to boards sold, The Four has brought Odd Velvet up as a new and growing skate brand.