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A website is the first contact to your customers, period. 

24 hours a day.

The world is online and it is time that you learned the true value of your website. Your site is on 24 hours a day, it’s the beacon of your brand. There is no other more influential outlet in the world than a website.

But why is my site not working?

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Well in the new, everything is online, world your website now more than ever needs clear and concise navigation partnered with compelling and valuable information.

To make a website valuable you need the following:


Content Management System

A user friendly and convenient CMS, like Wordpress or Squarespace, is the difference between being able to control your website, or being stuck. We prefer to keep the control in the client’s hand, rather than pigeonholing clients into using website services. We provide the training, setup, and management, but want to give you the customer the opportunity to control your own destiny.


Using Google Analytics or other measurement tools is the only way to show progress for a website. Without analytics how can you measure results? Or know that your web team is doing their jobs.

Content Writing & SEO

You write the content, we edit and optimize that content. If you are not comfortable writing the content we will coach and coax it out of you. This content will then run through our SEO optimization process which includes optimizing images titles, headers, and many other adjustments.

Marketing Opportunities

A website has many channels available for marketing. A fully equipped website has a blog, email newsletter signup form, contact form, social media links, and a handful of other integrated tools that will support your marketing efforts.

Resounding Imagery

Striking imagery has a huge part to play in all websites. We create graphics, illustrations, and product photography to support the most memorable experience for your audience.

The parts of a website
Articles with an image once every 75-100 words got double the number of social shares than articles with fewer images.
— Buzzsumo, 2015
The Four gives you the power to measure and grow your website

The Four offers web development for personal web sites, portfolio websites, e-commerce websites, and other genres for displaying a brand. 

We develop sites that are responsive first, allow a brand to manage assets, and add new creative content with ease. 


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